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Healthy Gum

Healthy gums are pink and firm, have orange peel texture (known as stippling), do not bleed easily, and above all fit snugly around and follow the shape of your teeth.


Why is Healthy Gum so important..?

Gum disease is a painless and slowly progressing condition that most people suffer from at some stage of their lives.

Because Gum disease is painless, you may need treatment and not even know it.

On the other hand your teeth are anchored to your jaw bone by strong supporting tissues called Periodontal Ligaments.

The progression of untreated gum disease causes breakdown of these ligaments, loosening teeth in the affected area and may eventually lead to the loss of all your teeth.


“Maintaining healthy gum is just as important as maintaining healthy teeth.”

At City Dental practice we sought out the best technology and science available to treat and maintain healthy gum tissue.

Call City Dental practice today and let us show you the way towards achieving the optimal oral health you really deserve.

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Dental Phobia

Are you fearful and anxious about any aspect of your dental treatment?

...Light Sleep dentistry is the answer!

At City Dental Practice, we offer our anxious patients up to date sedation techniques therefore making their visit less stressful and a positive experience.

Do you hate or dislike any of the following?     

  • dental treatments
  • needles and injections
  • noises of equipments
  • smells and tastes of dental materials and medicaments

Do you have any of the following?

  •  low pain threshold (difficulty getting numb)
  • very sensitive teeth or gums
  • a strong gag reflex (gag easily)
  • complex dental problems requiring lengthy treatment sessions.
Or are you simply
  • busy and wish to have more work done in fewer sessions.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may benefit from our sleep dentistry facility.


Make an appointment  at City Dental Practice today and find out how our light sleep dentistry can help you.
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