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Dealing with Dental Phobia at CDP

We consider good communication as the key to understanding your well justified concerns about your dental treatment. To accomplish this we make the time to listen to your fears and understand your concerns well before your treatment begins.


Uncertainty + vulnerability = Phobia

On the other hand we believe that patient education  can positively contribute to alleviating concerns about most dental procedures.

This can be principally relevant when the patient is made aware of all aspects of the particular treatment which he or she is about to have well before the treatment commencement.

Such approach would make the procedure more understood and therefore more accepted. This in turn would help the phobic patient to alleviate most of the feeling of vulnerability and fear that he or she may have.


More about Dental Phobia

Noticeably, it is not always the same thing that triggers a phobic reaction from dental treatment. Some people are simply annoyed by the smell of dental products, some by the noise of the drill or the whistling sound of the suction tip; others have fears that relate to the hot or freezing temperature of the treatment room.

To counteract all these "phobia triggers" City Dental Practice implements a vast selection of solutions and techniques allowing you the patient to unwind and relax during your stay with us.

Call  City Dental Practice  today and let us discuss with you the best solution and/or technique suitable for your dental phobic needs. And let us together put in place such remedies well before we even schedule your first treatment visit.

Relevant links:

Relevant links:

Dental Phobia

Are you fearful and anxious about any aspect of your dental treatment?

...Light Sleep dentistry is the answer!

At City Dental Practice, we offer our anxious patients up to date sedation techniques therefore making their visit less stressful and a positive experience.

Do you hate or dislike any of the following?     

  • dental treatments
  • needles and injections
  • noises of equipments
  • smells and tastes of dental materials and medicaments

Do you have any of the following?

  •  low pain threshold (difficulty getting numb)
  • very sensitive teeth or gums
  • a strong gag reflex (gag easily)
  • complex dental problems requiring lengthy treatment sessions.
Or are you simply
  • busy and wish to have more work done in fewer sessions.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may benefit from our sleep dentistry facility.


Make an appointment  at City Dental Practice today and find out how our light sleep dentistry can help you.
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