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Dream Smile!….What is it?

For some, a dream smile is a Hollywood celebrity style smile, one of those white dazzling smiles we see on the front cover of a magazine. For others it's merely the self-assurance that comes from having, whiter brighter teeth. It doesn't matter what your ideal smile is, we at City dental practice can help you achieve it...

A sparkling white smile everyone will


In today's fast-paced world, people of all ages want to look better, feel better and live better. In addition Popular TV series such as Extreme Makeovers have promoted patients awareness of popular cosmetic dentistry procedures including those of teeth whitening.

If you're not content with the colour of your teeth and are looking for teeth whitening options or solutions, City Dental Practice is the right practice for you.

At City Dental Practice we use proprietary technology to whiten your teeth in one visit while you relax at our facility.

Our in house revolutionary tooth whitening system is safe,efficient and quick. In fact it is so quick, in less than 30 minutes your teeth will be significantly whiter.

The convenience this technology in comparison to other technologies taking double the time (or even the take home whitening system taking days for that matter), makes it the perfect choice for the individuals with busy lifestyles.

At city dental practice we have been giving our patients the smile they really want for over ten years now.

Call City Dental Practice today to claim your free complimentary consultation and see how wonderful it is to have the sparkling white smile you rightly deserve.

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Dental Phobia

Are you fearful and anxious about any aspect of your dental treatment?

...Light Sleep dentistry is the answer!

At City Dental Practice, we offer our anxious patients up to date sedation techniques therefore making their visit less stressful and a positive experience.

Do you hate or dislike any of the following?     

  • dental treatments
  • needles and injections
  • noises of equipments
  • smells and tastes of dental materials and medicaments

Do you have any of the following?

  •  low pain threshold (difficulty getting numb)
  • very sensitive teeth or gums
  • a strong gag reflex (gag easily)
  • complex dental problems requiring lengthy treatment sessions.
Or are you simply
  • busy and wish to have more work done in fewer sessions.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may benefit from our sleep dentistry facility.


Make an appointment  at City Dental Practice today and find out how our light sleep dentistry can help you.
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