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At CDP we appreciate your regular visits...

This section is dedicated to you our valued regular visitors who have logged in on a daily or weekly basis. Our logs are full of your kind comments and we are very proud of that...

Therefore we would like to dedicate these special sections to all of you as a token of appreciation of your kindness and support.


A Web Page that is Yours

So Be Part of it...!

To encourage you to participate in the content of this web page we have decided to give it some flavour of privacy and variety...This shall be as follows:

1. Accessing these web pages will be restricted to registered members only.

2. There will be two sections available for our members to participate in, as follows:

  • One for the public at large.
  • The other is a professional section the access of which is restricted to members of the dental community. (Accessing this web page will require authentication of qualification and /or membership of a professional organisation.

3. There shall be two categories in every section comprising various topics as follows:

  • A fixed category the motto of which is "Everything but dental topics". This category shall be edited by our CDP employees and/or webmasters. The idea behind creating this particular section is to ensure that our valued visitors "you" have access to a wide variety of interesting non dental topics. This shall be in the spirit of keeping the promises we made to you in our home page.
  • The other is an interactive category edited by members in a form of ongoing interactive "questions and answers" as well as "comments and discussions" the topics of which shall be the choice of members.

Although all comments shall be reviewed by a CDP webmaster the content of the interactive categories shall be at the discretion of the members in the spirit of professionalism and ethical boundaries.

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Dental Phobia

Are you fearful and anxious about any aspect of your dental treatment?

...Light Sleep dentistry is the answer!

At City Dental Practice, we offer our anxious patients up to date sedation techniques therefore making their visit less stressful and a positive experience.

Do you hate or dislike any of the following?     

  • dental treatments
  • needles and injections
  • noises of equipments
  • smells and tastes of dental materials and medicaments

Do you have any of the following?

  •  low pain threshold (difficulty getting numb)
  • very sensitive teeth or gums
  • a strong gag reflex (gag easily)
  • complex dental problems requiring lengthy treatment sessions.
Or are you simply
  • busy and wish to have more work done in fewer sessions.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may benefit from our sleep dentistry facility.


Make an appointment  at City Dental Practice today and find out how our light sleep dentistry can help you.
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